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Sunday, September 10, 2006

First and Foremost Homero Villarreal is My Friend.

Commies organizing in Nueces County, progressive populists?
Posted on August 28, 2006 at 03:51:15 AM by Realistic Patriot

The group is led by some folks who came from up north... they call themselves progressive populists...

They handpicked the flowers from the garden... Hispanic who have been involved with the Chicano movement in a tapid manner but have a socialist leaning... Abel Cavada, an CC attorney, is the Prest of the Corpus Christi Progressive Populist Caucus (CCPPC). If you google his name on the internet... u will find he published in "La Nueva Raza" (progressive socialist Hispanic publication) a tribute to Emma Tenayuka (who married Homer Brooks)... Emma was recruited into the communist party of texas at 17 or so... She became the PRest eventually of the Texas Communist Group...

Abel Cavada defines a true progressive populist his his article on the Bolivorian Revolution... (go to larazaunida.com)... He has Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela who models himself after Fidel Castro and Lenin) is, according to Cavada, "a true progressive populist... read the internet article...

Why does the air america core group/ say they are socialist? why do they cravenly hide behind the "Democratic Party" under the "CCPPC"? They have always operated that way...

JOhn Kelley put posters of Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Eugene Debs, Big Bill Haywood (member/leader of the American Communist Party and IWW)...Marx, and several other communist... Some of the quotes on the posters openly condemn the U.S. and its form of Government...

Are people really that naive? Naif?

First and Foremost Homero Villarreal is My Friend.
Posted on August 29, 2006 at 03:27:26 AM by Jaime Kenedeno

Monday, August 28, 2006
WATT serious Democrat would welcome Communists into it's party

First and Foremost Homero Villarreal is My Friend.

Politics are meaningless, when it comes to this kind of slouchy thoughtless and pissy rebuttals. Solly, Juan and Jimmy I extend my hand out at this time and request another solution. Hey, if you guys want to be Progressive Democrats then come out and explain it to us. Don't backdoor South Texas. I promise you, it will be a big mistake. Do you really want to test the BYTE? Do you think I will back down? He wont admit it, but even Vicente is disenchanted. We The People Newspaper is not representative of the name "it should be called the Abel Cavada & John Kelly Newspaper"

It aint worth it guys?

Monday, August 28, 2006
Homero Villarreal

On today's Carranza Show a caller said that he had heard an annoument that tomorrow with Bob Jones, Homero was going to expose the communist in the Demorcatic party. IT IS TIME TO STOP HOMERO. NO SERIOUS DEMOCRAT SHOULD BUY ANY ADS from Homero. No matter what Joe Flores says about him.

posted by coastalbendoldmajor @ 9:03 PM

At 11:46 PM, dannoynted1 said...

you are wrong oldmajor about homero,
all those "serious" democrats need to pay their bills they already owe homer!

and you know i know watt and who i am talking about!

there were committments made and not honored!

shall we stroll down memory lane or are "we the people" going to pay for services rendered?

or is this just a bunch of chisme as opposed to verdades?
At 12:08 AM, Jaime KenedeƱo said...

Serious Democrat?

WATT serious Democrat would welcome Communists into it's party?

Since when are Democrats Communists?

Oh yeah, is that the new label being touted, "Communist Democrat"?

If one is catering to the idealogy so as to become elected then all who broadcasts from the Communism Soapbox should be equally touted.

This will include Juan Garcia & Jimmy Rodriguez as well. There is truth to the allegations, ask Abel Cavada or better yet do a little research on the "Card Holder".

Now, having said that; there are some positives with the Populists Movement which does look more socialist than "Progressive". I tend to lean with the education and the healthcare aspects but the means are not justified by the ends.

How we get there is another discussion. Homer believed John Kelly and took the man for his word. Homero also believed in John Kelly and his direction at one time. I think the time will come when all will see Homer is revealing something to us we want to deny. A "Progressive Democrat" is not a Democrat.

WATT are you?

I mean, dont you wanna know if there are Communists in the Democratic Party?

By challenging the long time Democrats on the air Homer is sayin wake up people!

WATT he doesnt realize or maybe he does and it is just me that dont understand is there are Democrats who are wooed over by items like labor unions gaining influence and education solutions etc etc....

But those things all come with a price tag.

Not monetarily either.

I hear "Big Bill Haywood" announced every hour or so on Air America, was he a communist?
Posted on August 28, 2006 at 03:53:19 AM by JV

Why don't they say so? What do they want with South texans??

Re(1): I hear
Posted on August 28, 2006 at 09:20:17 AM by lamar23

its still america aint it. see what you are writing about. its still america people can be what they want to be.. just stay out of my back yard..

thanks to los chicano who were called commies at one time.

when a person stands up for his rights . and when when a person think they belong then we are called activites, un american , ..

Re(1): I hear
Posted on August 28, 2006 at 03:55:41 AM by CC Independent

Big Bill Haywood left to live in Russia and died there helping the Bolshevick revolution. Just Google his name, William "Big Bill" Haywood... in his eulogy, he is called "a true communist" by a commie magazine.


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